A private matchmaking protocol, fair exchange of secrets, crypto (1985)

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Google Scholar Copyright information. How to exchange secrets by oblivious transfer, Tech.

Unfortunately, in Sarpong et al. ACM Google Scholar Efficient robust private set intersection. A secure and privacy-preserving opportunistic computing framework for mobile-health emergency. In this proposed protocol, the initiator sets a threshold number of common attributes that a-would-be pair should have to qualify as a match-pair.

BodyNets Google Scholar As an improvement, we propose a novel hybrid matchmaking protocol.

Size-hiding private set intersection. A distributed mobile system for social networking In physical proximity.

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Sharing information while enforcing privacy policies. Practical private set intersection protocols with linear complexity. Private matchmaking is interesting because it has conflicting requirements for anonymity and authentication.

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Also, we show that Sarpong et al. We present a simple and efficient solution to the private matchmaking problem without using public-key cryptography or a trusted matchmaker.

A Private Matchmaking Protocol

Malicious participants may opt their attribute set arbitrarily so as to discover more information about A private matchmaking protocol attributes of an honest participant. Information Sharing Across Private Databases.

However, it is still unclear how one can make sure information I make sense in real app Privacy-preserving policy-based information transfer. Efficient techniques for privacy-preserving sharing of sensitive information.

MSN changed the way people communicate and exchange the private and sensitive information among the friend groups via mobile phones. Keywords This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

In this paper, we consider the problem of Private Matchmaking.

Several protocols have been introduced for simultaneous exchange of secrets, e. BioMed Research International, vol.

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As a part of our contribution, we will propose an efficient and secure matchmaking protocol which is light weight and restricts attribute leakage to the participants.

Due to the involvement of private and sensitive information, MSN demands for efficient and privacy-preserving matchmaking protocols to prevent the unintended data attribute leakage.

In addition to helping find the most appropriate pair, our proposed protocol also has the ability to resist semi-honest and malicious attacks. A private matchmaking protocol allows two or more mutually suspicious parties with matching credentials to locate and authent