1 5-dicarbonyl retrosynthesis, discussion

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Professor Starkey Wed Jan 7, 7: Laurie Starkey, I hope you are doing very well, Someone has never taken a deep and comprehensive general chemistry course, do you recommend him to take G. Now, you just have to get me through Orgo II. Professor Starkey Fri Mar 1, Professor Starkey Sun May 27, Professor Starkey Thu Nov 28, 7: It's great that it can help determine if there a a net dipole or not.

Also, for drawing 6, what happened to that first carbon?

I mean, that can the questions be asked, that are based on the mixture of organic chemistry and physical chemistry in SAT subject tests or AP?

Right now, I am planning on doing organic chemistry in my freshman year of college with the help of AP credits. Professor Starkey Mon Jun 8, 1: I am stuck on one thing — my intended major.

Thank you, I really enjoy your teaching.

I already tried in different computers already. Professor Starkey Tue Dec 16, 1: Professor Starkey Mon May 9, 3: Both videos showing network error, I dont know why. Professor Starkey Thu Oct 27, Sodiaum chloride, diamond and methene.

Professor Starkey Thu Sep 5, 1: You might scare a few off, but very good. Professor Starkey Fri Sep 15, 5: A lot to throw out there in the first lecture.

Professor Starkey Fri Oct 19, Or should I purchase the Wade or Klein texts that are listed as related materials? Professor Starkey Sun Dec 1, 1: Professor Starkey Tue Feb 4, 8: Professor Starkey Fri Dec 6, 6: I enjoyed your teaching!

Any guidance is appreciated. Professor Starkey Thu Jan 3, Professor Starkey Tue Oct 15, 8: I relied on rewatching your videos to prepare for my cumulative final in Orgo I, which was a national standardized test.